Schocharie Ridge Farm


Large safe box stalls are bedded with shavings and cleaned daily. Every stall is floored with thick rubber matting. Most stalls have a window or Dutch door. Each stall has a sliding door facing a wide main aisle which is equipped with cross-ties. The barn is well ventilated and fans circulate the air during the summer months. There is a bathing area with hot and cold water.


A 12.5% protein, 8% fat, low starch and sugar custom-mixed feed is fed both morning and evening in amounts dependant upon the horse's weight, size, and activity level. Horses are fed high-quality hay daily in their stalls year-round and in the winter are also fed hay outdoors in hay racks during turnout. In the grazing season, ample grass is available in the pastures. Clean water is provided daily. Any supplements supplied by the owner will be added to grain feeding once daily at no additional charge.


Schocharie Ridge Farm has over 30 acres of fenced land divided into many pastures and paddocks. In the grazing season, horses are turned out overnight in compatible groups on excellent pasture. In colder months, they are turned out in the morning and brought in late in the afternoon. Fresh water is available in all turnout areas from automatic heated waterers or from a running stream. All pastures also have shade trees. At Schocharie Ridge turnout time is maximized to provide the most natural living conditions for the horse.


The current stall board rate is $560 per month.

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