Schocharie Ridge Farm

Services Available

Foaling services are offered on a limited basis at Schocharie Ridge Farm. When near foaling, brood mares are housed in a 12' x 18' foaling stall nightly. A camera in the stall is connected to a monitor in the owner's house which is checked regularly throughout the night. Sandy tries to be there personally during foaling to monitor the mare's progress or assist if necessary. All Points Equine is on call 24 hours a day and will be contacted if needed.

Foal Development

After parturition, the foal is watched to ensure standing and nursing. The mare is observed to be sure she passes the placenta and is recovering normally from the delivery. The veterinarian will examine mare and foal the following day.

A good health and feeding program is followed as well as plenty of turnout time so the foal will grow up strong. Daily, gentle handling soon after birth gives every foal the right start.

Halter breaking begins within days of birth. Foals are led in and out every day so that by weaning they feel very comfortable being led.


Artificial insemination of your mare by the stallion of your choice can be arranged using local veterinary reproductive experts. Sandy Kantor will coordinate the stallion manager and vet with the mare's needs. Many foals have been conceived and raised at Schocharie Ridge Farm.


The cost of foaling service is $300.

Board for foal at mare's side is $175 in addition to the regular stall board rate.

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