Schocharie Ridge Farm


Roomy three-sided shelters facing south are equipped with ample manger space. Hay racks are hung above the mangers. These buildings are bedded with kiln-dried shavings which are replaced weekly. The shelters are attached to turnout areas. Schocharie Ridge has two separate large areas as well as one smaller area for field board. The large areas house up to six horses each and the smaller area is home to up to three horses.


Hay is fed inside the run-in sheds in hay racks twice daily, and grass is always available when in season. There are morning and evening feedings of our 12.5% protein, 8% fat custom-mixed feed. Amounts are dependant upon the group's needs. Water is always available either from a running stream or automatic heated waterers. Supplements provided by the owner will be fed at no extra cost once daily.

Socialization and Health Benefits

When housed in field board, horses establish a definite pecking order which discourages aggressive behavior. New horses quickly realize their status among the herd. Field board allows horses to become used to interacting with one another, which leads to increased self-confidence.

Field board provides the most natural lifestyle for the horse. At all times, the horses are able to freely roam in and out of the shelters or romp in the fields. Horses which are field boarded rarely develop vices or become ill. Young horses develop strong bodies because of the relative freedom provided by field board. Older horses tend to remain limber due to increased exercise.


The current field board rate is $450 per month.

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